In the context of the International Polar Year (IPY) 2007-2008, the Total Pole Airship expedition aims to measure the thickness of the pack ice layer covering the Arctic Ocean.

To accomplish this we will overfly the ocean to a large extent, passing over the North Pole, with an airship, under which will be attached a device (EM bird) which records the thickness of the pack ice in real time. The results obtained will become reference material for following the evolution of climate changes.
  The month of April is the best time for the project over the Arctic Ocean. The pack ice is at its maximum thickness, solid enough to allow planes to land. It is compact and the covering air is stable. Turbulences occur over fracture zones, where the water at -1,8°C evaporates into air at a temperature of -35°C. Weather is favourable, winds light enough, and the cold air will provide good buoyancy for the airship.   The trip up to Tromsoe, in northern Norway, and the flight over the Barents Sea to Spitzberg, are the most delicate stages, due to climate conditions in Northern Europe at the end of winter. Next, we will overfly the polar drift current to the North Poke, from where we will make radial trips up to latitude 85°N. Then we will fly towards the Magnetic North Pole and the Beaufort Sea, where more radial trips will be made. Arrival in Alaska is planned for early May 2008 after 10,000 km of measurements .  
Paths of ice thickness measurements the airship will make in April 2008 .