As manager for the past 8 years of Jean-Louis Etienne’s numerous expeditions - Antarctica, Mission Banquise (Pack-Ice Mission), Clipperton, etc. - Elsa handles all financial aspects and manages relations with sponsors and the media. She is also involved in the web site production and handles relations with video producers, publishing companies and educational partners (Education Ministry, Paris Science Centre, etc.).  
Jérôme is a qualified seagoing technician specialising in sub-sea positioning. He is also a qualified Class 2B diver and will be responsible for gathering the data from the ROV.  
Stéphane has been a professional photographer and journalist since 1982, firstly with a series of agencies and now freelance. He works for a number of major international magazines and has written several books. His work can be accessed on
Stéphane was the photographer for Jean-Louis Etienne’s expeditions to the volcano Mt Erebus in Antarctica, and is now doing photography for Total Pole Airship.
An engineering graduate of the Lausanne Polytechnic, Ghislain is in charge of technical management for construction of the airship as well as the expedition logistics. As a qualified Class 2B diver, he is also coordinating the EM-Bird calibration campaign.  
An adventurer at heart, Gérard has extensive experience of both the Arctic and the Antarctic. Officially a mechanic and welder, “Gégé” is really the expedition’s Mr Fix-it. He has designed and flown a variety of aircraft (ULMs, etc.) and has just completed an aero-mechanic’s course in Brittany. He will be the airship’s mechanic.  
The current team will later be joined by 2 experienced pilots and 6 future airship pilots who will receive specific training for the expedition, as well as a mechanic, two electrical mechanics and a ground-staff chief who will handle landing, take-off and mooring. (more details in October).  
Dominique is a very experienced airship pilot, with 8,300 hours (Zeppelin, Goodyear, Skyship, etc) in America and Asia. A test pilot for Zeppelin, he is also providing back-up during construction of the airship and will act as instructor for our future pilots.  
Samuel is a qualified mechanic and Class 2B diver and will be assisting our underwater cameraman, Didier Noirot. Samuel was with us on both the Clipperton and Tara Arctic expeditions.  
Coralie was Jean-Louis Etienne’s press attachée for the publication of Pôle Intérieur (Hoebecke, 1996) and for the Clipperton expedition. She is handling the expedition’s media relations.  
Armelle has been the team’s administrative assistant since 2004, handling accounting as well as work schedules, lecture and travel arrangements for Jean-Louis Etienne and the rest of the team. Armelle coordinated logistics for the 40 researchers taking part in the expedition to Clipperton.  
A film of the expedition well be made by Gedeon Programmes and directed by Pierre Stine, who has made a number of full-length documentary films that have received awards from major networks in Europe and the US.